New vendors are welcome to apply using the form below. Although space is limited for our 2019 season, we are encouraging new vendors to get their names on the list for the upcoming new location in 2020. If you are looking to expand your farming business or have a specialty product, we would love to hear from you. McCall Farmers Market is a pace for small business ventures to get a start and provide a footing for your success in the future!


Local FArmer

Are you growing an excess of Produce in your garden and would like to sell some? Bring it to Market! We encourage a diverse amount of products to insure quality for our customers.


Locally sourced goods

Some crafted products are allowed at the market. If you are growing or locally sourced your value-added product then you may qualified.


wholesome food vendor

We encourage food vendors to source their food locally and serve high quality food made with wholesome ingredients.